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About Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited


Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited (“EBSHKCL”) is a leading financial institution with four core businesses, Wealth Management and Brokerage, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, Asset Management, and Investment and Structured Financing. Operating under the Everbright Sun Hung Kai brand (“EBSHK”) as well as the EBSHK Direct and EBSHK Private sub-brands, EBSHKCL is a subsidiary of Everbright Securities Company Limited (“Everbright Securities”, SSE: 601788, HKEX: 6178), with Sun Hung Kai & Co Limited (HKEX: 86) as its substantial shareholder, serving individual, corporate and institutional clients in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and the U.K.


Backed by Everbright Securities and China Everbright Group member companies coupled with its heritage in the financial industry beginning in 1969, EBSHK has emerged to be a full-fledged financial platform with excellent cross-border and global financial services. EBSHKCL, through its subsidiaries, currently has about HK$103 billion* in assets under management, custody and/or advice.


*As of December 31, 2017

Corporate Structure

Sun Hung Kai Financial Group Limited, the holding company of Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited, is 70% owned by Everbright Securities Company Limited (“Everbright Securities”) through Everbright Securities' Hong Kong wholly-owned subsidiary Everbright Securities Financial Holdings Limited, with the other 30% retained by Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited. Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited is the holding company of the licensed and non-licensed entities providing our services.

Our Strategy & Values

Our Strategy

At EBSHK, we always aim to create a differentiating client experience by innovating our offerings, striving for operational excellence and leveraging our business capabilities.

Our strategy is built on four cornerstones:

Our Values

We believe that only strong corporate values, which are the basis of everything we do, enable a business to deliver continued success and sustainable returns. Our six core principles of Sharing, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Prudence, and Professionalism underpin how our business operates.


We develop a knowledge sharing culture to unlock the value in information and knowledge.


We pursue excellence by taking ownership in everything we do and continuously striving for self-improvement.


We are transparent, honest and fair in our interactions with all stakeholders and act with integrity.


We continually expand our creativity to generate new ideas and solutions.


We build trust by putting our clients’ interests first.


We have a relentless focus on treating clients professionally and offering help when needed.

Our History

With over 45 years of commitment and innovation, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of growth and volatility:

  • Sun Hung Kai & Co. was formed by Mr Fung King Hey, Mr Kwok Tak Seng and Mr Lee Shau Kee.
  • Sun Hung Kai Securities Limited was incorporated.
  • Sun Hung Kai Investment Services Limited became one of the first underwriters and approved overseas agents of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.
  • Allied Properties (HK) Limited, via its wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired the Fung family's equity interest in Sun Hung Kai Securities Limited via Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited.
  • EBSHK Direct (formerly "SHK Online" and "SHK Direct") was launched as one of the first brokers to offer straight-through Internet-based order processing.
  • Everbright Sun Hung Kai ("EBSHK", formerly "Sun Hung Kai Financial") diversified its operations by establishing wealth management business.
  • EBSHK forged a strategic alliance with Macquarie FX Investments Pty Limited.
  • EBSHK Private (formerly "SHK Private") was established. Sun Hung Kai Securities Limited was renamed Sun Hung Kai Financial Limited on 1 December 2011 to be aligned with Sun Hung Kai Financial’s brand strategy.
  • Everbright Securities Company Limited, via its wholly-owned subsidiary Everbright Securities Financial Holdings Limited, acquired 70% of Sun Hung Kai Financial Limited from Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited.
  • Sun Hung Kai Financial Limited renamed as Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited.